An effective method to treat varicose veins without surgery

Varicose veins are considered one of the diseases of our time. Its development is due to lack of physical mobility, overweight. Circulatory disorders are most noticeable in the legs, as they are under a lot of pressure. Medicine seeks to find an effective way to get rid of the disease, offering treatment of varicose veins without surgery, various preventive methods are used.

Non-surgical methods for treating varicose veins

conservative methods for treating varicose veins in the legs

Often there are veins on the legs that protrude, winding in women. It is important not to start this process, start treatment on time. Patients often worry about whether varicose veins can be cured without surgery. Medicine has such methods to help get rid of problems quickly and reliably.

Non-varicose vein surgical treatment methods:

  • sclerotherapy;
  • laser freezing;
  • radio frequency ablation.

In venous sclerotherapy, a special solution is injected into the damaged vessel area. This attaches their walls together, then gradually dissolves. A pressure bandage is applied to the injection site. The patient must walk for an hour to get a positive result from the procedure.

Vein laser freezing is considered an effective treatment for varicose veins, always leading to the expected results. Blood is very hot with a laser. It damages the inner walls of blood vessels from its temperature.

As a result, thrombus is formed, which is then overgrown by connective tissue. A year later, a kind of connective cell strap formed in this place. Blood will begin to flow through other channels.

During radio frequency ablation, the damaged area is exposed to electric current with a frequency of 300 to 750 kHz. A catheter is placed in a diseased vein to channel current.

The ship is heated to 120 ° С, then crushed. The load is distributed to other veins in the circulatory system. Methods for treating varicose veins without surgery will be more effective if used in the early stages of pathology.

Drug therapy

Venous vasodilation is not easily cured. To do this, you need to change your lifestyle and use some form of medication. The vessels in the legs are located deep in the muscles and closer to the surface. They need to be treated differently.

For superficial veins, creams, suitable gels, it must be used periodically along with special physical exercises, self-massage. To get rid of varicose veins from the deep veins, you should use medications.

Phlebotonics will be the main remedy. They increase the tone of muscle tissue, vascular valves. The drug is prescribed by a vascular specialist - a phlebologist.

Self-medication is not allowed. The use of medication must be combined with the use of compression underwear.

Positive aspects of drug use:

  • blood clots will not form;
  • weight on the legs will decrease;
  • feet will stop swelling;
  • blood vessel condition will improve;
  • will speed up blood and lymph flow;
  • the inflammatory process in the lower part of the foot will be reduced.

Achieving a positive effect will take a long time, it will take several months to use medications, creams and ointments. They will affect the general condition, but will not be able to eliminate turtles and vasodilation. The veins in the legs will remain visible.

Traditional methods

Treatment of varicose veins with folk remedies will not give impressive results, but as a supplement, such treatment methods will be beneficial. The use of herbal products and raw materials with tanning properties will help keep muscles and blood vessels in good condition.

A popular remedy for varicose veins is apple cider vinegar. They rubbed his feet, wearing them in the form of compresses. It is important to remember that rubbing or massaging should be done on the feet with movement from the bottom up.

Such diseases are treated according to traditional medicine recipes with the help of horse chestnuts. Ointment with this plant extract is sold in pharmacies. Apply the product in the form of a warm compress. It is important to observe the temperature regime. Hot compresses will only damage the damaged vessel.

folk remedies for the treatment of varicose veins in the legs

Blue clay (available in pharmacies) is an effective remedy. It is mixed with water in consistency so that it can form a thin layer on the feet and does not flow.

For better effect, blue clay should be used consistently.

It should be applied to the affected area and left for the time recommended by the doctor - from 40 minutes to 3 hours. Blue clay works like a compression garment.

It is useful to make lotion from yogurt with wormwood on sore feet. Young fresh wormwood stalks (2 tbsp) must be chopped, mixed with yogurt (200 ml). Moisten the gauze with this mixture, apply on the affected part of the blood vessel. Store for 30 minutes.

Traditional medicine is too gentle to help treat severe vein damage on its own. They can give positive results in the early stages of pathological development.

They are best used as a precautionary measure. It is a good addition to the main treatment. Before using it, you should consult your doctor about the appropriateness of its use.


Treatment with leeches is considered one of the methods of dealing with varicose veins. Is it possible to get rid of it this way, the expert will decide. It depends on the stage of the disease, the condition of the blood vessels. While sucking blood, leeches inject special substances that thin the blood and prevent the formation of blood clots.

This has a positive effect on the condition of the veins, removing blood that has accumulated in the lower part of the leg, preventing stagnation. All this improves the condition of the sick person, but does not fight the cause of the disease.

The use of hirudotherapy can be referred to as prophylactic agent. It should be used periodically by people who tend to develop varicose veins, who are overweight, and who lead an inactive lifestyle.

Physiotherapy and therapy massage

Physiotherapy occupies a special place among treatment methods without the help of surgery. It does not carry a large load on the body, is very effective, acts selectively, and successfully relieves the symptoms of venous dilation.

Best treatment:

  • electrophoresis;
  • amplipulse therapy;
  • diadynamic therapy;
  • barotherapy;
  • Low frequency magnotherapy.

Electrophoresis is the introduction of vegatonic drugs deep under the skin using electric currents. This helps reduce swelling, increasing blood flow through the ducts. The procedure is effective, it helps well at different stages of the disease.

The procedure of amplipulse therapy is similar to electrophoresis, only the effect occurs with low current. As a result, there is a decrease in inflammation in the vessels, the damaged area is restored by giving them nutrition. Sadness and pain are relieved.

Diadynamic therapy is the pulsating effect of different frequency currents. It improves the condition of blood vessels, relieves pain and swelling. Barotherapy methods are based on alternating high and low pressures.

This difference improves blood circulation, improves metabolic processes, deep and superficial saturation with oxygen.

In low frequency magnetotherapy, the affected leg is placed between two magnetic plates in a special space. During treatment, the affected area gets increased nutrition, blood supply increases, wall and venous valve conditions improve.

Therapeutic massage for varicose veins can bring results if done correctly. You can do a hydromassage bath independently using a regular shower.

It is important to remember that it is impossible to heat the affected area, the water must be warm. The shower jet should be directed under high pressure, but do not massage the prominent veins, affecting the nearby area. This will connect them to balance blood circulation.

Hydromassage should be started from the feet, rising gradually. Finish on the stomach. If one foot is more damaged, then it should be massaged less.

While massaging by hand, one should not perform strong pressing movements, especially in the superficial area. It is better to reject honey massage, it should be done with good freezing force and strong channels. With varicose veins, it is forbidden to work in the affected area with a masseur with a vibrating nozzle.

Exercise and Diet

Because it is not easy to heal from varicose veins without surgery, it is necessary to get rid of the main cause of the disease - lack of movement and overweight. Physical exercise aimed at strengthening blood vessels, increasing the tone of the muscles of the lower legs should be done daily.

This is the only way to get a lasting effect. This should be done not in the final stages of pathology, but for the purpose of prevention for those who spend a lot of time sitting, like to eat a lot in the evening. This is a potential victim of venous vasodilation.

Works well for ships. He should be given at least 40 minutes a day. But for the effect to be effective, it must be in tune, with acceleration, by lifting the lower leg or hip high. A simple lazy path will not succeed. "Bicycle", "birch", "scissor" training is required.

The implementation should be calculated according to your ability. Very useful for lying with your feet raised high above your head for up to 30 minutes. By doing exercises like this on a regular basis, you do not have to think about how to get rid of a damaged vessel.

Because it takes a long time to get rid of varicose veins on the legs without surgery, dietary restrictions should be the basis in food intake.

Proper nutrition should be a way of life, not a short-term diet.

nutritional correction in the treatment of varicose veins in the legs

Emphasis should be placed on foods that are rich in fiber, have protein compounds, help eliminate edema and gain weight.

The most useful product for varicose veins:

  • citrus;
  • cherry, cherry;
  • fresh ingredients;
  • grain;
  • lean meat;
  • seafood;
  • dried fruit;
  • fermented dairy products.

Limit salt intake. It is better to add it not during cooking, but later. It has a negative effect on blood vessels, leading to surgical intervention.

The effectiveness of non-surgical therapy

When choosing a method of how to remove varicose veins, one does not want to immediately use the radical method of therapeutic influence. He hopes non-surgical methods to address pathology.

They have their own advantages:

  • easy to carry;
  • does not need to undergo anesthesia;
  • quick recovery;
  • high efficiency;
  • no complications.

There are also disadvantages of such varicose vein removal methods, but there are fewer than those methods. Like any disease, you need to see a doctor on time, because in the early stages, the disease is easier to cure.