15 ways how to treat varicose veins at home

Varicose veins — a disease characterized by the appearance of varicose veins.

Varicose veins of the lower extremities

Veins are blood vessels that carry blood to the heart. Inside the veins are valves, which block the retrograde movement of the blood. When the job of these valves is broken, part of the blood stays in the feet, creating additional pressure on the vessels. Therefore, and appear characteristic of varicose veins.

Often varicose veins in the legs suffer women (2 times). Especially vulnerable to the disease varicose pregnant women.

The risk of occurrence of varicose veins is increased in people who work a lot of walking in their legs.

Blue inflammation of the vein with the nodes can give their feet no more the aesthetic aspect, not taking into account these symptoms such as itching and pain. In our time, surgical methods for the treatment of varicose veins very advanced and have become very reliable and effective.

Anyway some of the more simple methods are able to reduce the dimensions of varicose veins and can even stop the progression of the disease.

For a start, it is recommended to consume more fiber and do as often as you can special gymnastics for the legs.

When you must consult the doctor in case of varicose veins?

The varicose disease in the feet is, first of all, a cosmetic problem.

  • A doctor should be consulted if the height of the feet noticed the pain and/or the skin on the legs is separated.
  • The doctor also recommended immediately consult a tearing of the vein or if it is painful to walk. These signs may indicate the presence of a blood clot. As a general rule, the presence of a clot of blood is also accompanied by edema and redness of a limb.

The treatment of varicose veins

Method 1. Hold the leg as high as possible in the break time

During the break, try to keep the feet as high as possible above the level of the heart.

The cause of the varicose disease in the tendency of blood to accumulate at the level of the legs. At the time of its elevation, the blood becomes more easy to the heart and reduces the load on venous vessels.

It is ideal to do so in the rest time at work or at home between the cases.

Method 2. Yoga

To give a better effect you can try a simple yoga exercise.

To do this, being in the back near the wall, lift her legs up under 45on an angle with the wall and keep them, therefore, is 3 minutes.

Method 3. The horse chestnut

One of the most famous of the means of varicose veins is considered to be the horse chestnut. Improves the elasticity of the veins and strengthens its valves.

Take 250 mg horse chestnut 2 times a day for 3 months. After this period, decrease the dose to once a day.

Method 4. Centella asiatica asian

Centella asiatica asian has a great strengthening effect on the blood vessels and the connective tissue that surrounds.

Italian scientists noticed that patients who took the tool on the basis of centella asiatica, was found a significant improvement of the function of the veins.

Attention! It is strictly prohibited to take medicines on a base of centella asiatica pregnant.

Method 5. Rind of lemon

The consumption of citrus fruits, juice or tea, add well-washed lemon peel. The fact that the lemon peel contains very important of a flavonoid — rutin, which prevents bleeding of the capillaries of the blood vessels.

Attention! Before consuming the lemons, those you buy at the store, rinse well to remove the protective layer of chemicals.

Method 6. The vitamin c and flavonoids

Of course, the role of vitamin c (ascorbic acid) in the body is not possible to estimate with simple words. In the opinion of many experts, this vitamin is essential to our health!

It turns out that he has an important role in strengthening the connective tissue around the veins in the legs. He makes the vein more strong, flexible, and strong.

Flavonoids help the body to better utilize the vitamin C.

Should take 500 mg of ascorbic acid and 250 mg of flavonoids every day.

Attention! When you see the diarrhea (diarrhea), it is recommended to reduce the dose.

Method 7. Proanthocyanidins

An important means of folk medicine varicose veins are considered the flavonoids proanthocyanidins. In them is strengthened, the influence of the blood vessels, reducing the risk of bleeding.

The main sources of these substances are:

  • blueberries;
  • cowberry;
  • the currant;
  • grape seed extract;
  • the bark of pine;
  • the green tea.

You can also find in the pharmacy food supplements with a content of proanthocyanidins. Take these supplements of 150-300 mg per day, taking into account the proanthocyanidins.

There are studies that have established that patients varicose veins reception of proanthocyanidins called the improvement of the status of the varicose veins in 75% compared with 41% of those who did not participate of these substances.

Method 8. Contrast shower

A good popular treatment of varicose veins is the contrast shower.

The fact that the blood vessels react to temperature changes of the water, cut in cold water and expands in the hot water.

Taking a shower, direct the jet of warm water on the leg. After 3 minutes, switch the water to cold. Also have 3 minutes.

Repeat this procedure 2 times, ending with cold water.

Attention! When painful sensations in the legs at the end of the day, it is not recommended to take a hot bath. The hot water can only increase the size of the varicose vein. It is better to take showers!

Method 9. Elasticheskie stockings

Women with a minimum of manifestations of varicose veins in the legs, feel better if they are elasticheskie average. Exert pressure on the feet, reducing swelling of the feet. These stockings can be purchased at pharmacies and in-store.

Method 10. Compression stockings

If you do not the veins of a considerable size, may need compression stockings. They are more narrow at the bottom in the area of the ankles and wider at the top of the legs.

The larger of the pressure of these stockings are in the lower part of the legs, and the upper part of the falls so as not to restrict the flow of blood to the heart.

These socks are sold in specialty shops and medical products in pharmacies.

In the sale you can find compression stockings especially for pregnant women.

Before the morning get up from the bed, it is recommended that you elasticheskie or compression stockings. Be must sitting in the back with the feet directed upwards. Pull the stockings of the best possible way, so they don't have excess pressure on the feet.

Attention! The average you should not bring discomfort.

Method 11. An active lifestyle

Avoid prolonged contact to find in a single place, regardless of whether you are sitting or standing! A prolonged stay in a same place (the seat of the chair, or standing on the feet) leads to the accumulation of blood in the legs.

When there is a break in the work, try to use as walk. The case is that at the time of walking, the muscles of the legs more efficiently transport blood to the heart.

Regardless of whether you are at work a lot of sitting or standing, try to make a pause every hour for a simple physical exercise. 10 minutes on rising in the heel, on the tip of the fingers. These exercises help to direct the blood upward and reduce the likelihood of edema.

Practice at least 3 times a week of exercise for 20 minutes at a time. This will help you stay in shape and even get rid of a certain amount of excess weight.

Attention! People who suffer from overweight, you should pay more attention to the feet!

Walking is especially valuable exercise for the legs, because with each step, the muscles in the legs affect at vienna, and, therefore, the blood rises to the top.

Method 12. Do not keep your feet crossed

While sitting in the chair it is strictly forbidden to keep the feet crossed. Keeping one leg over the other, creates an additional unwanted pressure on the foot and is limited to the elevation of the blood by the veins.

The method of 13. Foot massage

Light massage of the feet stimulates the blood circulation. To do this, two fingers massage the muscles of the legs (not only in vienna!), by the movement of the feet to the hips.

The form 14. Compresses with tea of oak bark

In the place of varicose veins, put compresses of tea of oak bark, which stimulates the circulation of the blood. The oak bark is you can substitute the witch hazel.

The method of 15. Avoid constipation!

Constipation block the circulation of the blood and increase the blood pressure in the legs.

Diets rich in fiber can partially improve this problem.

Good sources of fiber are:

  • cereals;
  • beans;
  • apples;
  • pears.

Attention! Before you use these methods in practice, talk to your doctor! Only a physician may establish a detailed picture of your health and assign the appropriate treatment!