Varicose veins

Varicose veins of the lower limbs (varicose veins) — extension of the superficial veins of the lower extremities, which is accompanied by the failure of the valves, and a violation of the circulation of the blood. The term "varicose" comes from the Latin. d — "swelling".

The prevalence of varicose veins, the disease is extremely widespread. According to different authors, in different degrees of manifestation of his signs are the 89% of women and 66% of the male population, the number of people in developing countries.

How it looks like varicose veins

The mechanism of the development of the varicose disease, considered to be a malfunction of the venous valves, with the advent of the chain-of-return (reflux) of the blood.

Usually, the first to be infected on the valves, which are subject to a maximum cutting load. In this case the muscles replenish the blood, in the mouth of the big and small hypodermic veins, and, at times, through the great vein. The excess volume of blood, which is formed on the surface of life, it gradually leads to the hyperextension of the wall of the vein. It increases the amount of blood that is contained on the surface of the pipeline in the bed of one of the legs. The increase in the volume of blood continues to train in the deep of the system through vienna, and you can stretch them out. The result of this is that, in the drilling of veins occur in the thermal expansion and the valve is not sufficient.

A leading symptom of varicose veins is the disease, the extent of the vein is the cause of a disease, and it has your name on it. Varicose veinsusually appear at a young age, that women have during and after your pregnancy. In the early stages of the disease, will appear a lot of symptoms are not specific. Patients uncomfortable sense of weight and an increase in fatigue in the legs, breaking, burning, and sometimes night cramps in the calf muscles. One of the frequent symptoms that were already present at the onset of the illness, transient swelling and pain in the course of the veins, and often have not yet extended). When the varicose veins legs noted a small swelling of the soft tissues, usually in the area of the stop, the ankles and the lower part of the abdomen. All of this is a syndrome that much different from patient to patient, which is virtually the only success to his name, it must be recognised, the syndrome of heavy legs". Not necessarily, in the presence of a particular syndrome, and it makes the follow-up of varicose transformation of veins. However, in the majority of patients with varicose veins of the lower limbs at the onset of the disease, we have observed some of these symptoms. All of these symptoms are commonly more prominent at night, after work, or during long periods of standing, especially in hot weather.

The disease develops very slowly, over the years, sometimes for decades. In the future, the subjective and the symptoms that come together regularly to take place at night and disappears at dawn, in the swelling. First, the swelling observed in the region of the ankle and the back of the foot, and then spread on the palm. When you are asked such a swelling, you must be talking about the developed chronic venous insufficiency. The color of the skin gets cianótica the shade. The patients in this phase do not receive the proper treatment, and for your part, occur hyper pigmentation of the skin down the legs. In more advanced cases arise from trophic ulcer.

The prevention of varicose veins, disease of the

Any disease is easier to prevent than to treat. A number of simple tips that it is designed to prevent the development of varicose veins disease.

To avoid the stagnation of the blood in the legs

  • The long, sit down or stand up-if you have attached all of the efforts to promote a change of attitude, with the ability to move around more.
  • Do not use very tight jeans, a little tight in the time of corsets, stockings, and socks or hosiery with tight elastic bands;
  • It is not desirable that the shoes closely to the line-of-network (spawn).

Long-term exposure to increased ambient temperature may lead to expansion of the veins, and for this reason it is not recommended

  • In the reception, spa baths, saunas, Turkish baths;
  • Long-term exposure to the sun;
  • The application of the hot wax as the epilator.

To prevent a possible sickness, you are going to help you out:

  • The control of excess weight gain,
  • Do not lift heavy objects;
  • By carefully taking hormonal contraceptives (oral contraceptive).

To improve the condition of the feet in preference to the

  • Keep your feet in a high position during sleep and rest;
  • Take a shower, and the contrast;
  • The use of the load of medical check-ups tights (men — semi);
  • Wear shoes with a heel height of more than 3 to 4 cm);
  • Please follow the special exercise for the legs.

If you are forced to sit for a long time:

  • Get up and walk at a fast pace;
  • More and more, to change the position of the legs.

Water treatment

Every day, the spray that holds on the legs, hardening contrast shower, alternating hot and cold water. This is particularly necessary in the hottest time of the year.

The sport

Try to avoid the practice of activities related with the short-term loading in the foot:

  • Tennis, squash, high jumping, aerobics, weight lifting, football, soccer, downhill skiing, snowboarding.
  • A very accessible and easy — to walk, to run.
  • The best option — swimming

Mesh compression is one of the best pre-emptive, when the inherited tendency to varicose veins. The recommended mesh compression, in the case of a long air travel, for sports training, giving you greater charge of the press.

When you take any type of disease, you should consult with your doctor since.