Varicose veins. Prevention, nutrition, and fitness

the doctor looks at the leg of the patient

In the early stages of the disease, it rarely bothers patients. However, the presence of extended life, even if they don't even bother, it already carries within itself a great danger to the life, because at any moment it may occur, what is the most dangerous complication, thrombo-phlebitis.

When the varicose veins, disease, damaged valves allow the blood to penetrate into the surface of the vein system, resulting in there is increased pressure, which leads to their expansion and growth. The power of the blood is lowered, it decreases the nutrition of the tissues of oxygen, which arise in ulcers.

The cause of the ailment.

  • due to hereditary predisposition, a weakness that is inherited from the blood vessel
  • the long static load,
  • a sedentary lifestyle
  • the purchase of medicines, hormones and hormonal disorders
  • pregnancy
  • injury to the foot
  • to emphasize the severity of the overload (for example, on a sudden, in the beginning of the active development after a few years of inactive life-style)
  • smoking

In the at-risk group includes all people on an equal footing, and the young and the old:

  • those who wear high heels;
  • the athletes, many of whose lessons can be connected with a large load on the legs (tennis, weightlifting, bodybuilding);
  • the profession to do with it during the work day, the hours of standing up, sitting behind the wheel, the computer, the barbers, salesmen, professors, teachers, waiters and members of other professions who spend a lot of time on the feet;
  • "sit-ins" of the profession, and to those of you who like to throw one leg over the other;and
  • for the lovers of coffee and alcohol, as they would dehydrate the body and thus thicken the blood, and complicate our way back to the heart.

How to recognize the ailment.

If, by the end of the day, you could feel the gravity on your feet and your favorite shoes of the steel, the close is due to a pulmonary oedema is the first sign. Periodically, the happening of convulsions, pain in the calves should also alert you.

Noticeable to the eye, changes in the veins usually start out with a few with the appearance of spider veins.

Later on, occur in irreversible processes, in the large veins, they will come out to the surface of the walls, in some places in the antarctic, and they seem to be more complicated.

Nutrition-and-diet -

To diet-when varicose veins is the maximum amount of vegetables and fruits, less salty, and smoky. Eating a diet with a low content of protein, fat, and refined carbohydrates. Spicy foods thickens the blood, which leads to the formation of blood clots. Vodka, brandy, whisky, and do the same. It is recommended to consume less meat. It is no wonder that the Papuans and the indigenous peoples of the Far East, preferring instead a lot of stuff to do, I never encounter this problem.

To include in the diet of fish, fresh fruits and vegetables, and foods which are high in fiber, high In vitamin c, it is a matter of routine. From any of the plants or plant products which are useful to all of you. Here is the beginning of the ABC, where do The carrots On the lettuce, and the herbs and the citrus fruits. To this list must be added two more, very important, vitamin a, strengthening of the walls of the blood vessels. It's the vitamin E that is contained in olive oil, and a vitamin P, an input at the nut, and green tea, and rose hip oil. The vitamins a, c and e, which are portions of collagen - the connective tissue of the veins and venous valves. A great way to expand and enrich vienna with essential nutrients and makes it more elastic, sprouted grains of wheat, and barley, and split peas, beans, and green onions. It occupies a special place in the garlic cloves.

Scientists have proved that garlic has a beneficial effect on the blood. This is evident in the prevention of the formation of blood clots in the vessels of blood clots, which may adversely affect or call into the blood stream.

A summary of almost one hundred scientific experiments, during which it was tested the effect of garlic on blood viscosity, in a nutshell, it can be set up as if to take garlic for a long period of time, you can look forward to an increase in the level of reabsorption of intravascular clot in the blood by as much as 50%. In addition to facilitating the absorption of the blood in the blood and in the garlic will not give thrombocytes grow and is compressed, thereby to form blood clots.

Every day to eat together with food, 2-3 cloves of garlic. It helps in reducing the blood pressure, the purification of the vessel of atherosclerotic in the body, building up on the walls and in the prevention of varicose veins, and t. d.


If you have any signs of varicose veins, and disease, complying with very simple rules, it will slow down and, in some cases, and to prevent its further development.

  • Don't get excited spa tub, a sauna, and a stay to long in the sun. All of this greatly reduces the tone in the vein, leading to blood stasis in the lower extremities.
  • To move more. To strengthen the blood vessels and improve circulation, helping to regulate the practice of both sports. Classes include aerobics, jogging, swimming and moderate in the way they contribute to the improvement of his blood.
  • To reduce the weight. It is particularly susceptible to the disease, people who suffer from excess weight. In the blood-vessels in a man is the blood of a person with a normal body weight, so, which are the blood vessels responsible for a lot of the load. People with excess weight, in such a situation, we can only give an advice to lose weight and keep the weight constant for the standard.
  • Do not use the selected clothing, shoes, socks, and stockings, with a tyrumu bands, as well as leads to the withdaveniu blood. But, support stockings and tights, to a certain extent can help to prevent varicose veins.
  • To uniformly mix the load, never staying for too long in the same position.
  • Don't sit in the leg on the foot. Throwing a knee, on the other, it creates an obstacle in the path of the flow of blood.
  • Stir it all up. Varicose veins can cause you long-distance, such as in this case, has disrupted the normal flow of blood. Try to move the weight, and if you have the time to stand up. Extended session is also not going to do you a favor: try to time it to get up and move around the room or walking about every half-hour.
  • Exercise in the morning. Before you go to bed, and in the morning, after waking up from a 3 to a 5 minute skew on the fingers and toes - it improves the blood circulation in the lower limbs.
  • Do not wear high-heeled shoes and narrow shoes.
  • Wash your feet with cold water after work.
  • Most of the walk, from the dew , and at the edge of bodies of water in the summer.

If you're not sick, varicose veins, and are only willing to him, so prevention is a daily self-massage-with smooth strokes, and kneading the legs, from the bottom to the top.

If the diagnosis "varicose veins" have been placed in the massage of the feet is forbidden!

The lack of physical exercise and the common cold to chronic factors that contribute to the development of varicose veins.

If you do feel the weight in your legs at night after a long day of work, sleep, and rest up the feet shall be maintained in a state of bliss. When you relax, read a book, watch television, Zakidivyte the foot is largest. You can put on a high pillow, or cushion.

The work is accompanied by a very long seat at the table, or a lot of time standing, then you should be more often to change the position of your feet, stepping in place, then rotate the foot.

After you have a bath or take a shower, and foot wash it off with cold water. There are sports that are very useful when a disease is, first of all, swimming as well as hiking, running, mountain biking and skiing.

For the well-being and treatment center:

The one huge benefit it will bring to the daily performance of special exercises:

  1. The elevation in the stockings. The Original state – we are in front of you, feet parallel to each other, and are pressed to one another. On account of the one - time jump up to your socks, because the two go down to the original position. Repeat 20 to 30 times.
  2. Elevation (semi – distance). The Original state – we are in front of you, heel, together, in the semi – distant one. On account of the one - time jump up to your socks, because the two go down to the original position. Repeat 20 to 30 times.
  3. Lift (heel far). The Original state – we are in the front, side, together, heel – at a distance. This position is for the account of a one - time jump up to your socks, because the two go down to the original position. Repeat 20 to 30 times.
  4. A useful exercise is the "bicycle. from a lying position on your back. It is very important that when you do this exercise, vibramstü of the foot even unto the end of it.

These simple exercises that you can do the same in dealing with the issues of the day (when you cook the oats, or the copies in the office). God bless you!